Empowering farmers around the globe to ensure their profitability.

Before PEAT was born, we worked as scientists in rural areas for five years and became disillusioned by the minimal impact our work had on solving real world problems - global food security, access to knowledge or environmental degradation. In light of this, we ran an NGO for a couple of years that held workshops to help young people overcome environmental and agricultural problems. Whilst rewarding, it was not scalable.

Therefore, we wanted to exclusively focus on progressive approaches to solve environmental and agricultural issues, and to address them with cutting-edge technologies. This is the fundamental essence of PEAT.

When you opt for progressive approaches, many people think that you are crazy and that your idea won’t work – they show you that you left well-trodden paths. However, once you realize that some people are just as excited and inspired to take this idea forward, then you know that you are on the right path. We have met many of those people. Some encouraged us, some have become our colleagues, and some invested in our company.

What once was a mere idea has now become a beautiful technological solution that transforms the way farmers receive advice, buy agri-inputs and manage their farms. The idea of our app Plantix is now a game-changing reality and is validated by millions of satisfied farmers across the globe.

As we move forward, we strive to preserve the essence of PEAT in future endeavours. We continue to focus on key issues of our time and to develop progressive approaches using the best suited technologies. Driven by passion, we are here to create a real impact – both rewarding and scalable.

Simone Strey