Every plant disease, pest, or nutrient deficiency leaves a specific pattern to which our software quickly learns to detect with up to 95% accuracy.

Our Solutions

With our software, we can provide customized solutions for every need.

An easy plant disease diagnostic & monitoring tool

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems for Indoor Farming & Greenhouses

"PLANTIX" - our simple plant disease diagnostic & monitoring tool


Six Individuals - One Idea
Simone Strey
Simone Strey
Simone is a geographer specialized in geobotany and soil science – and our CEO. There is no land where she does not feel at home, be it the Mongolian steppe or the Brazilian rain forest. When she wants to relax, she likes to beat steel drums, a hobby that is much like herself: full of energy.
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Pierre Munzel
Pierre Munzel
Marketing #press #media #twitter #facebook #blog #law #legal settings #sustainable agriculture #clean energy #good technic #music from the heart. You heard about PEAT because of Pierre. He is fully connected, always up-to-date, and shares that with style and passion!
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Alexander Kennepohl
Alexander Kennepohl
Plant Pathology
Alex is our expert in plant diseases and their databases. His expertise in geographic information systems (GIS) helps PEAT to develop our geostatistics and maps. In his free time, he loves to go climbing. Any questions?
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Robert Strey
Robert Strey
Rob sits at the interface between ecology and machine learning within PEAT. He prepares the food for thought for our beloved algorithms and pushes the button to train them. He fluently speaks Python, Java, SQL, R and sometimes English with his Linux. Would you like to speak with him too?
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Bianca Kummer
Bianca Kummer
International Cooperations
Bianca studied engineering for landscape planning and recently graduated from the renowned Center for Advanced Training in Rural Development (SLE). She has work experience in Gambia, Haiti and Mali. At PEAT, she coordinates PEAT’s local cooperations in different African countries and when she finally calls it a day, having a glass of wine with friends is her favorite option.
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Korbinian Hartberger
Korbinian Hartberger
Korbinian’s role in PEAT is communication – he is our language expert. Not only is he very international but so are his cooking skills – he is a passionate cook and loves to share his creations. Contact Korbinian in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and many other languages! Test his language skills!
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