Every plant disease, pest or nutrient deficency leaves a specific pattern - Our software quickly learns to detect these patterns with an estimastion accurancy up to 95%

Our Solutions

With our Software we can provide customized solutions for every need

An Easy Plant Disease Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool


Software Licensing for Automated Disease Detection

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems for Indoor Farming & Greenhouses

Precision Farming

Advanced Tools for Automated Disease Detection for Precision Farming


To Feed the World

Plant diseases and pests cause the loss of up to 30 % of the annual harvests. Famines and suffering farmers are the results. For a safe food supply today and for the fast growing world population we have to face this challenge! We believe that smart farming is the solution. Working with artificial intelligence and image recognition we help farmers worldwide to protect their plants. With cutting edge technologies we support you to secure your harvest. Together we ensure a safe food production for us and the generations to come!

"PLANTIX" - our simple plant disease diagnostic & monitoring tool


Seven Individuals - One Idea
Simone Strey
Simone Strey
Simone is a graduate geographer with a focus on Geobotany and Soil Science. Simone is responsible for the Project Coordination and Project Management, Plant Diseases and their treatment options. Contact Simone
Pierre Munzel
Pierre Munzel
Public Relations
marketing #press #media #twitter #facebook #blog #law #legal settings #sustainable agriculture #clean energy #good technic #music from the heart You heard about PEAT, than because there is Pierre. He is fully connected, always up to date and shares that! With style and passion! Contact Pierre
Charlotte Schumann
Charlotte Schumann
Knowledge Management
Charlotte has a master’s degree in Anthropology & Political Science with a focus on legal negotiation processes / Science and Technology Studies. She is your Partner for Knowledge Transfer and Networking. Contact Charlotte
Alexander Kennepohl
Alexander Kennepohl
Plant Pathology
Alexander is a graduate geographer with a focus on GIS – geographic information systems, soil science, geology. Long-standing collaboration in the Lower Saxony State Office for Mining, Energy and Geology. Any Questions? Contact Alexander
Robert Strey
Robert Strey
Robert is a graduate Geographer. He is the Interface between Ecology-Database-Deep Neural Networks and responsible for the translation of ecological processes in algorithms. He speaks fluent Python, Java, SQL, R and more. You want to talk to him? Contact Robert
Bianca Kummer
Bianca Kummer
International Cooperations
Bianca is a graduate engineer of landscape and open space planning and completed successfully postgraduate studies at the prestigious Seminar for Rural Development. She worked and researched in The Gambia, Haiti, Mali and more. Contact Bianca
Korbinian Hartberger
Korbinian Hartberger
Customer Analysis
Korbinian is a MA for Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies, Transformation and Development. He is focussed on Stakeholder analysis, rural sociology, diffusion and adoption. Contact Korbinian in english, spanish, portuguese, french, italian and more!

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