October 29, 2015

Crops & Croudsourcing

We all have a nontrivial problem that calls for urgent and honest action. Our worlds population grows faster than our agricultural production. Therefore, global food yields needs to achieve and new level of quantity to fight malnutrition and starvation.

At the same time our food production needs to achieve a new level of quality to fight hidden hunger and suffer. Both aims need to be combined with locally adapted management practices to lower the environmental footprint of agriculture and to sustain and restore ecosystem services.

The production of agricultural goods provides the main daily incomes for billions of people, but yields, food quality and agricultural diversity are distributed highly unequally. Especially plant pathogens and pests are causing enormous damage. Together they are accountable for losses as high as 20 % of total production. Limited access to knowledge and informations and a lack of disease and pest monitoring worsens this situation which yearly results in vast economical, environmental and social damage.

PEAT develops cutting edge digital tools to analyze the spread and distribution of plant diseases and pests. Our aim is a near real time monitoring and personalized recommendations for hand tailored actions against pests and plant pathogens.

Check out Plantix to obtain more information about our first tests in Germany.